Names that mean stardust

When naming a baby, there's no better place to look than That's right, to the sky. The sun, moon, and stars have inspired everything from paintings to music to books. And why shouldn't they? They represent nature, outer space, and the infinite. And now, they can inspire our baby name list too. We found unique and beautiful baby names that are inspired by the universe -- and they are truly out of this world.

16 Ultra Rare Baby Names Inspired by the Sun, Moon & Stars

We love space. The deep abyss of the infinite is endlessly interesting, and we love that there is so much more to learn and see beyond our lives on earth. And for those who are expecting and happen to also love the cosmos, they might be hoping to find some intergalactic inspiration for their upcoming baby's name.

And we're talking more than just the name Buzz. Space is a perfect source of inspiration for naming our LOs. Some might be recognizable, but others are downright otherworldly. One thing they all have in common: They're totally unique and almost as special as our own little celestial beings. Star light, star bright, Stella is a name with might. Looks like Stella McCartney isn't the only "star" in town.

But it's such a beautiful name, we think our solar system could use a few more. Derived from the Latin word for the Greek sun god Helios, Elio is truly something special. The name hasn't ranked on baby name lists -- yet. So you could be the first to make this trend happen.

Sunnivameaning "sun gift" in Old English, is the Patron Saint of Western Norway, making it a popular name overseas. The name hasn't caught on here in the states. Instead, you've probably heard pretty variations, including Sunny, Niv, and Niva. Interestingly, Orion had a small blip of popularity in the late s before disappearing from the list altogether.

It was only recently, in the '90s, that this name came back in vogue again, peaking at on the most popular names list. How stylish! Aylaa girl's name derived from the Hebrew Eilahis a beautiful choice for parents who want something far from conventional. In Turkish, the name means "moon glow.

Here is a name certainly meant for the stars! Cosmoor "order" and "beauty" in Greek, is a name straight from outer space. Though it's never made the top baby name list here in the US, it has traditionally been popular in Italy.

Molto Bene! Mark our words, this will be the name of a Disney princess one day. Elaraone of the moons of Jupiter, would make a truly distinctive baby name.Stardust is a British-American romantic fantasy adventure film directed by Matthew Vaughn and co-written by Vaughn and Jane Goldman.

Stardust and Moonbeams

The film follows Tristan, a young man from the fictional town of Wall in the United Kingdom. Wall is a town on the border of the magical fantasy kingdom of Stormhold. Tristan enters the magical world to collect a fallen star to give to his crush Victoria, in return for her hand in marriage.

He collects the star who, to his surprise, is a woman named Yvaine. Witches and the Princes of Stormhold are also hunting for Yvaine. Meanwhile, Tristan tries to get her back to Wall with him before Victoria's birthday, the deadline of her offer.

The English village of Wall lies near a stone wall that borders the magical kingdom of Stormhold. A guard prevents anyone from crossing.

names that mean stardust

Dunstan Thorne crosses over the wall and into the Wall Market. He meets an enslaved princess named Una, who offers him a glass snowdrop in exchange for a kiss. Nine months later, the Wall Guard delivers a baby to Dunstan, saying the baby's name is Tristan. Eighteen years later, the dying King of Stormhold throws a ruby into the sky, decreeing that his successor will be the first of his fratricidal sons to recover it.

names that mean stardust

The gem hits a star, they fall together, and the remaining sons, Primus and Septimus, independently search for the now clear gem. In Wall, Tristan sees the star fall and vows to retrieve it for the object of his infatuation, Victoria, in return for her hand in marriage.

Tristan learns that his mother is from beyond the wall, and receives a Babylon candle that she left for him, which can take the user to any desired location. Tristan lights it and is transported to the fallen star, personified as a beautiful woman named Yvaine.

He chains her to bring her to Victoria. Three ancient witch sisters in Stormhold resolve to eat the fallen star's heart to recover their youth and replenish their powers. Their leader, Lamiaeats the remnants of an earlier star's heart, and sets off to find Yvaine. She conjures up a wayside inn as a trap.

Yvaine becomes tired, so Tristan chains her to a tree and promises to bring food.

names that mean stardust

In his absence, a unicorn releases her, but unwittingly takes her to Lamia's inn. Tristan discovers Yvaine gone, but the stars whisper that she is in danger, telling him to get on a passing coach, which happens to be Primus'.

At the inn, they interrupt Lamia's attempt to kill Yvaine. Lamia kills Primus, but Tristan and Yvaine use the Babylon candle to escape into the clouds, where they are captured by pirates in a flying ship.

Septimus discovers that as the last surviving son, he needs only find the stone to claim the throne. He learns it is in the possession of the fallen star and realizes that the heart of a star grants immortality. After leaving Captain Shakespeare's ship, Tristan and Yvaine confess their love for one another and spend the night together at an inn.

Come morning, Tristan leaves Yvaine sleeping and goes to Wall with a lock of her hair, to tell Victoria he will not marry her, having fallen in love with Yvaine. When the lock turns to stardust, he realizes Yvaine will die if she crosses the wall, and rushes back to save her. Yvaine finds Tristan gone, and starts walking towards the wall, thinking he has abandoned her for Victoria. Tristan's mother Una notices Yvaine walking to her doom, so she takes the caravan of her enslaver, a witch named Ditchwater Sal, to stop her.

Lamia kills Sal, and captures Una and Yvaine, taking them to the witches' castle.These names are used by Hebrew speakers. See also about Jewish names. Modern Rare Archaic. Related name is is not. User list. The biblical patriarch Abraham was originally named Abram but God changed his name see Genesis With his father Terahhe led his wife Sarahhis nephew Lot and their other followers from Ur into Canaan.

He is regarded by Jews as being the founder of the Hebrews through his son Isaac and by Muslims as being the founder of the Arabs through his son Ishmael. This name is borne by a soldier in the Old Testament. This word is used in the Hebrew Bible to describe God. Akiva or Akiba ben Joseph was a prominent 1st-century Jewish rabbi.

This is also a Hebrew word referring to immigration to Israel. In the Old Testament this is the name of the eldest son of King David. He was killed by his brother Absalom in revenge for the rape of his sister Tamar. Amos is one of the twelve minor prophets of the Old Testament, the author of the Book of Amos, which speaks against greed, corruption and oppression of the poor.

Written about the 8th century BC, it is among the oldest of the prophetic books. As an English name, Amos has been used since the Protestant Reformation, and was popular among the Puritans.

Stand Stats Part 5

In the Old Testament, Amram is the father of Moses. This name is mentioned very briefly in the Old Testament. In modern times it is often used as a feminine name. This is the name of an officer of King Pekahiah in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament it is used as another name for the city of Jerusalem.

Shakespeare used it as the name of a spirit in his play The Tempestand one of the moons of Uranus bears this name in his honour. As an English name, it became more common for females in the s, especially after it was used for the title character in the Walt Disney film The Little Mermaid This name was borne by the third king of Judah, as told in the Old Testament. Asher in the Old Testament is a son of Jacob by Leah 's handmaid Zilpahand the ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

The meaning of his name is explained in Genesis In the Old Testament Atarah is a minor character, the wife of Jerahmeel. According to the Old Testament, Barak was a military commander under the guidance of the prophetess Deborah. They defeated the Canaanite army led by Sisera. In the Old Testament this is the name of a companion of the prophet Jeremiah, acting as his scribe and assistant. The deuterocanonical Book of Baruch was supposedly written by him.

A famous bearer was Baruch Spinozaa Dutch-Jewish rationalist philosopher.

Baby names inspired by the solar system

In the Old Testament this is the name of the man who marries Ruth. This was also the name of one of the two pillars that stood outside Solomon's Temple with Jachin.The feminine name Stardust is used in American. Other countries in which name stardust being used are. Stardust is not very commonly used baby name for girl. It is not ranked with in the top names. Love Life of Stardust : Persons stood in a certain shyness and therefore a propensity to hide their thoughts even of an intimate nature.

Name Letter Analysis of Stardust. Acoording to vedic astrologyRashi for the name Stardust is Kumbha and Moon sign associated with the name Stardust is Aquarius. The name Stardust has Air element. Saturn is the Ruling Planet for the name Stardust.

Scary Stardust Names

Normally, people with the name Stardust like to work independently. They are easily able to make friends. Babies are experts on sign language. They are able to understand the sign language much more quickly after birth than talking. Babies easily catch and understand the meaning of goodbye, hello, cuddling and kissing and waving. When babies are born, they can swim naturally. Babies also have the ability to hold their breath for a while.

Unfortunately, they lose the ability of holding breath when they start growing up. Yes, diaper changing sessions for babies is a long tern procedure which goes on till the baby is around 2 - 3 years of age. This means that on an average a baby changes about diapers till it is trained for toilet. Babies when born have knee caps but these do not come if their X — ray is taken.

The reason is because their knee caps during the early stages of life are cartilages. Moreover this continues for coming few years. New born babies are known to have taste buds at many places apart from the tongue i. As they grow up, the sense of taste everywhere apart from tongue loses away!Charm or attractiveness that stems from celebrity and tends to forestall criticism: "The relative unknowns Dust formed in very hot gasses ejected from stellar atmospheres or in supernova explosions.

A cluster of stars too distant to be seen individually, resembling a dimly luminous cloud of dust. Not in scientific use. Minute particles of matter that fall to Earth from the stars. Switch to new thesaurus. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? In spite of all that has happened since, I still remember that vigil very distinctly: the black and silent observatory, the shadowed lantern throwing a feeble glow upon the floor in the corner, the steady ticking of the clockwork of the tele- scope, the little slit in the roof--an oblong profundity with the stardust streaked across it.

View in context. But its lustre gleamed upon the ceiling; the exquisite texture of its wings brushed against that earthly medium; and a sparkle or two, as of stardustfloated downward and lay glimmering on the carpet. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the release of David Bowie's iconic "Space Oddity," Barbie overseers at Mattel released a collectible version of the doll dressed as Ziggy Stardustone of his most beloved alter egos.

Barbie goes glam rock to honor Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. Barbie goes glam rock to honor David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. He identified the lone fatality as Eustiqui Auxtero, married and a year-old resident of Sitio StardustBarangay Tubigan in Maluso. Logger killed in Basilan for failing to say Quran verses.

David Bowie's son Duncan Jones says film biopic won't have "any of dad's music"; Director Duncan Jones has blasted the new film and doesn't want it using his dad's music. SURVIVORS and families of the victims of the Stardust fire vowed they will "never give up" as they delivered a petition calling for a new inquest into the tragedy yesterday.

We'll never give up; Stardust families in vow as postcards calling for fresh inquest delivered. A brand new exhibition,titled Stardust Memories, dedicated to the late rocker Alvin Stardustwill be going on display at Mansfield Museum later this year for nine weeks. Town relives singer's Stardust Memories. Bowie who was emerging as one of the major artists of that or any age, was in the midst of his mammoth Ziggy Stardust tour. When Ziggy Stardust came to Toon in ' Dictionary browser?

Full browser?The book is an adventure story through a magical land, packed with action, romance and humor. The film version — made in — is also a great family film. The character in the story is strong and stunning — not a bad namesake for any child. Tristan The name Tristan of course calls to mind the doomed romance of Tristan and Isoldebut our protagonist in the fantasy novel has a different fate. However, the nice sound and similarity to favorite Christian will probably continue the popularity trend.

The character in the book is a supportive and loving father, wishing his love Una would come back to him. Una A personal name crush, Una fits in with the rest of the old-fashioned three-letter names returning to the charts — AvaIvyIda. PrimusSecundus, TertiusQuartus, QuintusSextusSeptimus These are the names of the princes, alive and dead, who are vying for the crown in Stardust. Check out this Nameberry article for more number names!

She was a monstrous figure in Greek mythology. Or are fantasy names not strong enough to stand up to a real-life attendance sheet? Tell me what you think in the comments! You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

Mormo and Empusa spelt otherwise as Empousa are both from Greek mythology as well! Empousa was the beautiful flame-haired daughter of Hecate, goddess of magic, who used to seduce young men and then drink their blood. In later Greek mythology, the empousai were the spirits who guarded the roadsides, due to the ancient association of Hecate and then witchcraft in general with crossroads.

I love that Una named him after his father! Yvaine and Una are such lovely names, very graceful names. Ugh, I love Stardust. You must be logged in to post a comment. Logout My Stuff Login Register. Scary Stardust Names October 29, emilygc3.Top definition. Stardust drugs. Nickname for Cocaine according to the DEA factbook. Also the middle name of a 17 yr old child with super hippie parents.

Yo dude can I score some stardust? Sure man give me the cash. Shit the cops are coming. August 17, Stardust unknown. Stardust is a type of luster that a star as the sun can give off or show. The dust of the sun, star, can be seen by the naked eyes of humans.

On Tuesday, July 23in evening the Sun was setting with its stardust in appearance. Sometimes people mistake the sins dust as clouds.

The suns stardust made a special appearance last night The earth is a star and people often mistake its stardust as clouds. Star dust sex. When a female places glitter into her vagina or vaginal areathen exerts a loud qeaf thus making star dust. Jackie was having a rough sex life but things were looking a litte bit brighter when Kelly star dusted him in the face. The residue that jettisons from one's orifices when Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Jenny: "Why is my ass coated in stardust? I'm still a little sore" Bearonica: But. Dale Earnhardt's been dead for 10 years! Jenny: Oh, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Poor quality work, not your best.

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